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Success at the dressage to music qualifier

One of our club members, Tracey Culley, with her lovely horse Puzzle had a fabulous day at the BRC dressage to music qualifiers at BCA last Saturday. She won the prelim class and so has qualified for the London and South East Championships! Tracey had never done dressage to music before so I'm very impressed with this (and proud that I could help her by providing the music!)


Tracey said this about Puzzle and her day...

"Well what can I say but she had a bad start to life. Came over to the uk and my friend had her and her mother. I went to see her at 5 days old she was so cute I wanted her. My mate got hold of me when I got ride of my horse and Puzzle came over to me on the 24th June. Its now been 9 years and she has made so much progress doing prelim and novice. We got to BCA and I got my bits ready for stewading and I forgot my passport (oooops). So went over to the stewards and showed my hat and said that I have forgotten my passport but here is pictures of it. So I said I will go back and get it. I spoke to someone who was competing and they said cos its a London and South East competition I don't have to show my passport. So Yeah that was great. I stayed there for Val's Dressage to music which was amazing also a friend was there with there team and no one was helping her so I offered. She did her test and came out gasping as she couldn't breath, so I took her horse (Ben Nevis) to untack him and put him in the lorry. So one of my thoughts was that Wellington always stick together."

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