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Area 6 Liaison Trophy at Rosehill

A successful and fun day for our teams competing at the Area 6 Liaison Trophy at Rosehill.

The cross country team (Chloe Mace, Angela Mead, Cassilda Courtier-Dutton and Dawn Fenton) finished in 2nd Place with Individual 2nd for Chloe and 4th for Angela. Madison Amor competing as an Individual finished in 10th place in a large field.

Our two show jumping teams (Chloe, Dawn Cassilda, Angela, Maria Foskett, Debbie Abbberley,Val Champness. Heather Hamer) all had great performances with teams finishing in 2nd and 8th Place- and an Individual 4th for Heather.

Our team of three dressage riders (Madison, Debbie and Kat) got some great scores and just missed out on a team placing but there was an Individual 6th for Debbie.

Finally- thanks to Aimee Slimin for helping look after our teams and stewarding the cross country collecting ring.

Well done to everyone and you all enjoyed the day.

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