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Members Volunteering

A gentle reminder to all members, when you complete your WRC Membership Form, you promise to 'volunteer' 4 hours of your time, over the 12 months, to support others.

These 4 hours can be supporting teams, in any discipline, who compete for the Club, at the Tack Sales which are used to raise charitable donations, at the Area 6 Qualifiers WRC host which are the only form of income generation for the Club, or at the Summer Show in September. You don't need to do it all in one block. The Qualifiers and Summer Show generate the income to fund ALL Prelim entries.

WRC SCHEME Our Volunteering Scheme works on a points system, for every hour you volunteer you earn 1 point. When you have 8 points you can exchange those points for a FREE Training Clinic of your choice. You will receive an email when you HIT the 8 Points, you then simply choose a ‘FREE’ training session.

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