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Q  How many riders in each WRC clinic?

A   Our clinics have a maximum of 6 riders. Unique to our Club, clinics are never cancelled due to under subscription.  Of course, if we found clinics were regularly being under subscribed we may have to reduce the number  of clinics we offer.  


Q  If SJ Clinics don't indicate  'height' how do I know if I should book on?

A   We do occasionally run SJ Clinics without indicating a 'height'.  These clinics are ideal for those members who do leave the ground confidently.  Such members might want to work on their technique rather than focusing on height.


Q  How long do the clinics last?

A   WRC clinics are for 60 minutes.  

Q  Can Junior Members & Adult Members attend the same clinic?

A   Absolutely, our coaches can accommodate easily.  Knowing in advance, especially for Pole Clinics, that they have ponies and horses allows exercises to be planned accordingly.  So, to help, when booking your clinic in the 'additional information' just let us know the pony/horse size?  Obviously, as our Coaches are all employed by Wellington Riding all are CRB checked.

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