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EHV-1 Notification regarding ponies that competed at Crofton Manor in December 2019

Please take note of this new requirement from British Showjumping for any horse/pony who has been on site at Crofton Manor since 20th December 2019.

Following the recent outbreak of EHV-1 it is a now requirement that any horse or pony that has been on site at Crofton Manor, Hampshire since the 20th December 2019 is required to have a negative swab and blood test before competing at any British Showjumping show or organised event.Once the test result has been received please notify the Membership team at British Showjumping of the result by sending a copy of it on email along with the horse or pony registration number so that it can be logged on our database as having been undertaken.

You can contact the Membership team on 02476 698824 during weekdays between 9am – 5pm or via email at

The BEF and British Showjumping are following advice issued from the Animal Health Trust and are in regular contact with them. The advice issued states that all equines who have recently visited the centre are immediately isolated for a period of 14 days whilst veterinary advice and laboratory test clearance is given.

Full link can be read by clicking on the BS logo below:

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